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About Meowville

Well every cat I ever meet on the streets I take a picture of them, and give them a name. So one day it came to me to write a book about the cats in a educational way because I am a teacher, but also the profits could go to helping the animals. This dream of writing book has taken 5 years to put it all together, and as the years tic on so does the clock for the poor struggling City Street Cats trying to stay alive. As I said before this book is a "Tribute" to the City Cats.

Well I love to write. I have been writing poems most of my life, but I also have always wanted to write all types of books. So I thought that "this" book, or idea of the book would be the best seller or way for me to make my mark into the writing community. It also is a why for me to follow my dreams and passion at the same time. I believe that everyone has a purpose, and my purpose is to take care of animals and work with children. I hope that someday all I am doing is writing, and the Meowville Sanctuary is built and I am taking care of animals. That is why I wrote this book, to make my dreams come true to benefit the animals.

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